In addition to features already included in our GuardianRx™ Systems, there are also many add-ons we offer to our customers for even more flexibility.

Scan & Verify

The GuardianRx Rx Scanning Module provides for the scanning of hard copy prescriptions, insurance cards, and other documents into the system. Once scanned into the system, the documents are linked to the prescription, stored, and able to be displayed as needed at various stages of the dispensing process.

Electronic Signature Capture

As part of the HIPAA privacy requirements, pharmacies need to have customers sign acknowledgements of privacy and authorization notices. Adding this to your existing signature requirements can be both costly and time consuming if you utilize a traditional paper-based approach to signature collection, storage and retrieval.


Advanced Compounding

another-ongThe GuardianRx Advanced Compounder application was designed to manage compounding of formulas in batches that can be tracked in inventory as one-to-many package sizes of the same formula (“recipe”). A package size is represented as a unique NDC number.


Web Refill

Our Patient Web Portal Module can provide you with a new personalized web presence or add to and complement your existing website. Your patients can then access the Web Refill Module to review their profile, order refills, select a pick up location or delivery method, and review and print out a summary page of their order or recent activity. Patient orders coming into the Web Refill section of the Web Portal are automatically placed into your workflow queue in the GuardianRx System.


The Pre-Order Module was developed at the request of our customers who required a process and tracking procedure for submitting and identifying the return of requests to physicians for new prescriptions for patients.