3 Clicks to Save You Time in the Claims Queue

claims1Processing insurance claims can be one of the most time-consuming operations in your pharmacy. Between phone calls to insurance providers and prescriber verifications, managing your workflow and time can be a challenge.

With the right people and the right technology, you can spend more time on the tasks that are required and less time fumbling around for information. By taking advantage of a few features in your GuardianRx Claims Queue, your pharmacy can work smarter and to get your patients their medication faster!

 1. Click ‘Options’ for Easy Access to Patient Details
When working with claims, you often will need quick access to pertinent patient information. Did you know you can display the Patient Bar right in the Claims Queue? By choosing ‘Options’ from the menu bar, and selecting ‘Show Patient Bar’ , you can reference Patient Name, Date of Birth, Address and many other details without the hassle of switching screens.

claims2The Patient Bar can also be tailored for your pharmacy’s workflow! If there are additional fields you need, or fields you don’t want to see, you can make adjustments at any time within the Guardian Administrator module.




claims32. Right Click Access to Patient Insurance & AR Activity
Having quick access to patient insurance and AR activity is crucial to the speed at which claims are processed. By right clicking on the Rx, you can easily navigate to both Patient Insurance to adjust patient eligibility on the fly and review AR Activity without having to leave the Claims Queue.


claims43. Right Click Access to the F11 Processing History

Our newest feature included in the latest GuardianRx release, allows you to right click to get specific processing history for a highlighted claim. This can be especially handy when you need to monitor turnaround time in your pharmacy.




GuardianRx™ Helpful Features and Integrations:


Prior Authorizations, Automated

CoverMyMeds’ secure, HIPAA-compliant software automates prior authorizations, saving pharmacists, prescribers and their staff valuable time and ensuring patients receive the medication they need faster.  Integrated with GuardianRx, pharmacies are able to submit Prior Auths electronically straight from the Claims Queue.

Eliminate Paperwork
CoverMyMeds securely and electronically transmits PAs, eliminating the need for hand-written forms or calls to the plan. 83% of our users say that we save between 1 and 3 hours per week, and make the PA process take 1-3 minutes instead of 15 minutes by phone.

Faster Determinations
The new ePA transaction with plans provides the ability to receive approvals in real-time.

100% Free
This service will always be free to pharmacies, prescribers and their staff, because CoverMyMeds is financially supported by payers, who want to improve the efficiency of their PA process, and drug manufacturers, who want to improve patient access to medications.

If you want to learn more about CoverMyMeds or tips for using the GuardianRx Claims Queue, contact our Support Team by phone at 800.774.1361 or by email at support@carepoint.com.