A New Gateway for Patient Engagement

Introducing MedsOnCue

At CarePoint we recognize the importance of smooth, efficient access to the broad range of entities related to pharmacy practice. As part of our commitment to providing this, we have established, and continue to establish, an exceptional network of partnerships and alliances with complementary products and companies that can add to the overall productivity and profitability of pharmacy today.


MedsOnCue is an innovative digital patient education solution that reinforces safe medication use by providing patients with on-demand access to prescription-specific video briefings and other powerful information-sharing tools. By giving patients the tools and information they need to take medications as prescribed, MedsOnCue improves medication management and care outcomes.

The majority of patients will discard medication information leaflets after leaving the pharmacy. This often leads to patients’ confusion about where to turn when they have questions regarding their prescription medication. MedsOnCue addresses this problem by providing on-demand and pharmacy-branded prescription medication counseling that answers questions such as correct dosage and side effects. In addition, MedsOnCue dosing alerts are prepopulated for patients and can be emailed or delivered via SMS text messaging, further supporting medication adherence.

Access:  Patients can quickly and conveniently access thousands of medication-specific videos in the MedsOnCue library by clicking on a link in an email or text message, or by scanning a QR code printed on prescription labels and patient information sheets.

Watch: Available in English and Spanish, videos provide comprehensive information on top-prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects.

Interact: One-click access to pharmacies, medication reminders and healthcare resources helps ensure patients understand how to take their medications safely and limit any avoidable reactions.

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