An Ongoing Commitment to Putting Patients First


ongoingFor decades people have been depending on pharmacists to give them important information. Today the Pharmacist is accepted as a crucial part of the healthcare system. These individuals carry out patient care plans initiated by hospitals and other care facilities, making their role significant in preventing readmissions, ensuring patients understand their medication regimen, or by giving that last piece of encouragement that a patient may need transitioning to care at home.

Satisfaction is higher when a pharmacy and patient collaborate, and it is often the pharmacist that is the catalyst in making that collaboration a successful one.




Pharmacist Spotlight:
ongoing2Tim Levin of Health Mart Pharmacy has been a pharmacist since 1986. Times have changed since his start, and with the challenges brought on by insurance companies and drug wholesalers over the years, his approach to patient care requires more than a simple consultation.

In his view, “It’s definitely harder than it used to be to just get patients their medication. There’s a lot of extra work that goes into it, and it gives us less time for actual face-to-face interventions. We spend a lot of time contacting prescribers; sometimes to recommend safer alternative therapy for patients. We use a combination of things such as Brown Bag and OutcomesMTM to keep patients on track at the right cost”.

“We’re doing consultations and deliveries on a daily basis for patients and their families. Our patients have the option to receive weekly medication planners for a monthly fee”, says Levin.

OutcomesMTM provides guidance and resources to assist in the efficient and successful delivery of face-to-face Comprehensive Medication Review (CMRs). Local pharmacists want to do this work. Levin is one of them. “I look forward to better reimbursements, of course…but in the meantime, I can get the best outcomes for my patients and get paid for my service.”

Tim Levin has been a valued customer of CarePoint since 2001.


PocketRx – Your Mobile Pharmacy for Mobile Customers

Customers Give your customers the ability to refill their prescriptions directly from their smartphone using an individually branded application from your pharmacy. With an Rx number they can place their order while on the move – directly and securely integrated with your GuardianRx software.

With PocketRx you get:

ongoing3* Prescription Management
* Adherence and Compliance
* Education and Wellness
* Loyalty and Rewards

To get started with PocketRx, contact CarePoint Support at

Better Patient Care…It’s in the Bag!
The GuardianRx Brown Bag feature utilizes the power of the DUR (Drug Utilization Review) database providing pharmacies with a tool that not only analyzes a patient’s existing medication profile, but also allows the user to analyze medications the patient may be taking that are not on their profile in GuardianRx. Brown Bag provides for inputting additional patient meds from other sources, therefore making possible a complete DUR analysis of the patient’s full array of medications.

Brown Bag is most useful for consultations you offer in your store, but it can also be helpful offsite for health fairs or assisted living environments.

To access this module, select Brown Bag from the CarePoint button on the splash screen.

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