Did You Know? There’s More You Can Do with Notes In GuardianRx!

To access the CarePoint Notes feature in GuardianRx choose F8 on the keyboard while either on the Dispensing Screen or in an order in Order Management.

Guardian Notes

Within our CarePoint Notes feature, you can create a note for a patient, prescription for a patient, or insurance. Pop-up Notes are also available which allows for several different combinations to be created.

Pharmacies can add to the Note Types that appear on the left-hand side of the CarePoint Notes window under Administrator and can set up different Note Types under different security groups. Note Types are a right that are given to users under Administrator, if a user does not see a certain Note Type then checking the rights within their group can show you what types they have access too.

To create a Patient Pop-Up Note:

  1. Either search for the patient while on the Dispensing screen as normal then click F8 or click F8 mark the Patient box at the bottom and search for the patient.gn2
  2. Once you have your patient selected, click NEW which will bring up the Note Edit box. Click on the Popup tab and choose a Link Type. There are several options listed here and the fields will highlight a blue color for their corresponding Link Type. I’m choosing to create a Patient one which is why Patient Name is then turned on. Choose your patient again here then click Add Popup.gn3

Note: You can also have Pop-up notes expire on a specific date by putting in Expires date before clicking the Add Popup option. This will have the note expire at midnight for the date put in.

3. Once you have added your Popup, go back to the Main tab and put in a Subject (not required) and the note you want to popup when this patient is selected.gn4

4. Click Save. Now each time this patient is brought up in the dispensing screen, this Popup will also appear to be reviewed.gn5

If a user wants to create a different combination of a pop-up note, such as for an insurance, then they would ensure the patient box from Step 1 is not marked and then follow steps 2-4 again but choose a different Link Type from the drop-down.gn6