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Pharmacy Star Ratings:

We’ve Got You Covered.
Medication Adherence is the foundation of improved Part D Star Ratings. Recent studies are showing that patient education, Medication Therapy Management and Medication Reconciliation & Synchronization programs are key to gaining medication adherence for patients.  The relationship between the patient and their pharmacist is key in these improvements.

GuardianRx™ Helpful Features:
Many tools are available for today’s pharmacist to accomplish these gains.  GuardianRx™ as well as add-ons and additional program plans, can be accessed to implement solutions to assist your patients.

Medication Therapy Management
Integrated with your dispensing system, you can automatically create a patient chart for every patient you dispense for. The ability to complete a comprehensive medication review is available at any time with ability to add further information on lifestyle, monitoring and labs. Additional medications can be added to the patient’s medication review from outside sources; this is an opportunity to review for Polypharmacy.

More Tools…

Immunization Records
Keep up with annual influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for your Medicare Advantage patients.
Blood pressure, hypertension and cholesterol are especially significant for Medicare Advantage patients. Utilizing Patient Monitoring to gather values and plot as graphs, helps you to communicate with patients as well as their prescribers.
DUR Analyze
Run a retroactive DUR review against all active prescriptions on patient profiles to identify drug interactions and max dosages of diabetes medications which are two Medicare Part D “display measures”.

Improved Patient Education

Meducation® improves patient medication adherence and pharmacy star ratings by ensuring that ALL patients understand their medication instructions. Patient-specific instructions are simplified to a 5-8th grade reading level and presented in engaging and intuitive formats.  Calendars summarize a patient’s entire medication regimen. Pictograms & videos of medication techniques convey information unambiguously.  Patient-specific instructions for over 2900 medicines and 145,000 NDC codes can be generated in any of 5 fonts and 21 languages, delivered to patients either printed or on bottle labels, all from within GuardianRx™ workflow.

Enhanced Communication
Automated text notifications allow you to keep your patients informed.

Whether it is a refill reminder or a prescription pick-up notification, you can now instantly and automatically communicate with your customers. GuardianRx™ is integrated with the latest in SMS technology to deliver the messages your customers need when they need them.

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