Billing a Secondary/COB Claim


When submitting a claim to the secondary, you may receive a reject message that says: “MUST SUBMIT QUAL 06 IN FIELD 351-NP.”





To fix this error:
First, minimize the Show Queue window and from the main dispensing screen, go to Tools >Tables > Organizations.


Next enter the name of the insurance and click Filter.

Then find the insurance and double click it.


After you have opened the insurance, click the Rules tab. Then you will see a Segment drop down. Click COB/Other Payments.

Next, follow the example below and enter “No” in the fields @5, @7 and @1.

Once you have made these changes, resubmit the claim. If the claim still rejects, you will need to enter “No” in the remaining @ fields, with the exception of the @6 and the @0.

See the next pic for an example.



Note on Turning Off Fields:
This is the only place where you can turn off the fields by entering “No” next to the “Yes.” This only applies to the fields where it says “Allow NP=”. Everywhere else, you would simply switch the “Yes” to a “No.”

We don’t recommend turning off other fields without first contacting CarePoint Support.