Creating a Monograph


You will need to go to products and pull up the product you want to add the monograph to.  Then go to the Edit and use the following information.

Monograph Button:

Use the Monograph button to add a user added (not updated by First DataBank) monograph; this is a free text field. Type your user added monograph then click OK. Compounded products have to have a GCN_SEQNO linked in order to link a user defined monograph, a GCN_SEQNO is automatically linked when the compound is made with the Advanced Compounder. This overrides any compounder DUR which is inherent to ingredients of a compound. The Advanced Compounder products will produce a monograph for the first ingredient of the compound. Note: if there is no user added monograph present, and the system is using the Patient Monograph information from First DataBank the Alternate Product Monograph will appear blank. If a user added monograph has been added for a product you will see it displayed here (Product/Clinical/Monograph):


If you already have them typed up in a Word document, you simply need to copy and paste into the field.