Refill Scheduler


Access refill scheduler options by Shift – F10

The options at the store level have to be checked before they will be enabled on the patient or Rx tabs.

The future fill (if selected) will automatically figure out the date of the next refill based upon the original dispense date and the total quantity dispensed.


The formula is:

Units Per Day = ( Qty Written / Days Supply)

Total days supply = (Total Dispensed / Units Per Day)

Next Fill date = First dispense date + total Days Supply.


The first time in, Load dispensing, then change the store settings before you select a patient that way the patient will default to the store settings correctly.


  1. Store Level settings are not accessible unless user is a member of Admin group
  2. Patient Level settings, if they have not be set previously, will default to the current Store Settings. For example, on a new patient, or the first time that you load an existing patient.
  3. Rx Level settings, if they have not been set previously, will default to the Patient settings.  On new Rx’s and the first time you load an existing Rx.
  4. Next Fill Date (if activated) calculates correctly, using the formula above, and these rules:  Will not be set if no refills are left.  Will not be set if Rx is expired.  If the next fill date calculates to a previous date, the current date will be used in its place.


Hints: Use the Log Out on the file menu to log in as administrator if your current user is not a member.


To set up for refill scheduler:

  1. Pull up the patient, shift F10 will pull up the Rx utility option
  2. Set the patient to “participating in future fill program”


To queue up an individual Rx to refill begin by entering the Rx # on the prescription# field.  The Rx has to be up on the screen to pull it up in the Rx utility option.

Set the next expected fill date OR it will be queued up for the date due to be filled next if the patient is participating.



The Rx is queued up on 1/24/10 as status= auto refill.