How Green is Your Pharmacy?


This Just In!

In support of the growing movement towards a more environmentally sensitive and patient-empowering approach to medication information, VUCA Health announced its campaign to accelerate pharmacies’ movement away from the antiquated practice of stapling paper to prescription bags. The company is working directly with state boards of pharmacy nationwide to encourage issuance of clear guidance on pharmacy practice regulations governing the ability of patients to opt-in to receive medication information in a more contemporary and eco-friendly electronic format.


VUCA’s efforts to advance the eco-friendly movement have resulted in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, North Carolina, South Dakota, Minnesota and Indiana clearing the way for patients to choose to receive mandated prescription drug information in an environmentally sound manner. When that information is delivered via VUCA’s MedsOnCue, patients enjoy the added benefits of on-demand informational videos, streamlined access to their pharmacy team, text and email reminders and detailed prescription medication photos to ensure safety when taking medication.



In our upcoming end-of-year release, pharmacies using MedsOnCue can allow patients to opt-in to electronic medication information through GuardianRx.



GN11202015_12Here at CarePoint, we are making every effort to help our customers take full advantage of advances being made in pharmacy with regard to the environment.

By integrating with MedsOnCue as well as other technologies such as eFaxing, we are making it easy for pharmacies to not only cut costs, but to give the best when it comes to customer care.


The GuardianRx upgrade that will include the patient opt-in for MedsOnCue will be available January 2016.

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