ICD-10 and You!

icd1With the transition to ICD-10 right around the corner, those covered by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) must be prepared.

At CarePoint, we’ve made it easy to comply! With a few simple steps, you’re ready to go for the changeover on October 1, 2015.





Just follow these steps and your GuardianRx system is all set!


Step 1: Configuration

icd2First you will need to set the insurance to send ICD-10 instead of ICD-9.

Go to the Insurance tab in GuardianRx configurations, select ICD-10 by checking the box, then Save and Close.







Step 2: Choose Your Code

From the prescription screen, you will need to add an indication/ICD-9 for the prescription upon entry.


After entering an indication, you will be prompted to enter a related ICD-10 code. You will also notice that the field name changes from Indication to ICD-10. See below:



Step 3: Process

You can now proceed through the dispense with the correct codes for insurance providers requiring ICD-10.

**Claims previously requiring an ICD-9 code will be required to be coded with an ICD-10 code as of October 1, 2015. Please note that not all pharmacy claims will require an ICD-10.


That’s it! All set!