ICD-10 Mapping for October 2014 Code Changes

To enable our users to begin the change over to the ICD-10 codes that will go into effect October 2014, the following changes have been incorporated in 2.99 (3714) with additional enhancements in the next version for ICD-10 mapping.

All current diagnosis related data comes from First Databank (FDB). We have followed their mapping in relation to their disease codes which were mapped to ICD-9 standards, and the mapping is now further developed from ICD-9 to ICD-10. All current “conditions” on file in Guardian Rx are related to an ICD-9 code, but with this upgrade you will be able to select from the mapping of one to many new ICD-10 codes. The GEMS translation was used by FDB but you will encounter the same diagnosis names as before when linked to ICD-9. There is no automatic translation from ICD-9 to ICD-10, so the user will have to determine the coding given the selection in the mapping. Phase 2 of ICD-10 implementation allows for entry of any ICD-10 code specified by the practitioner without dependence on the ICD-9.