Inventory Management: Counting Your Assets

A crucial asset of almost any business is inventory, and inventory control has always been important. However, given the challenging business climate that pharmacies presently face, excellent inventory management systems are now essential to your business’ survival.

When it comes to tracking inventory quantities, speed and ease of use are key.

The combination of Guardian’s inventory module, reports, and the right business processes, help you to get a clear picture of what your inventory looks like, as well as what it is costing you.


inv2Inventory going down the drain? We’re here to help!

Inventory and reconciliation can be a tedious job…there’s no doubt about it. But when your inventory is accurately counted and tracked, your pharmacy’s staff becomes more diligent in caring for that inventory.

By utilizing inventory reports and initiating cycle counting on a regular basis, discrepancies are more easily spotted and adjusted, therefore saving your business valuable time and money.

When it comes to making necessary adjustments, GuardianRx™ allows you to adjust (add or subtract) from your on hand quantities. You can even add multiple adjustments and then click Post All to post them all at once.



You can also create your own Reason Codes for keeping track of your adjustments. For Code Type choose Adjustment Reason. Use the New button to add new options and Delete to remove old entries.


Inventory Adjustment reports, available in the Report Manager module, can be run at any time to show adjustment amounts, the user who completed the adjustment, and the time and date it was completed.


GuardianRx Helpful Features and Integrations:

Inventory Min/Max
Make reordering a snap!

Want an easy way to reduce overstock and protect your bottom line? Guardian’s Min/Max inventory feature allows your pharmacy to set specific thresholds for items and auto-generate editable PO’s based on user-defined values. The accompanying Min/Max program identifies product usage and suggests Minimum and Maximum values for items reported on.

Guardian even allows you to update the Minimum and Maximum values suggested with one click!


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