MedsOnCue from VUCA Health NOW Available for GuardianRx Users


CarePoint Pharmacy Management System the FIRST to Integrate with VUCA Health’s Innovative Electronic Drug Information Delivery

LAKE MARY, Fla. – (Feb. 26, 2016) – VUCA Health announced today that CarePoint, a customizable pharmacy management system designed to suit pharmacy’s unique needs, has integrated its MedsOnCue technology with the option to receive electronic drug information delivery in lieu of paper. This added benefit provides an ecological and economical solution to the antiquated practice of stapling paper to prescription bags.

Pharmacies currently print an average of 35 miles worth of paper each year, wasting money and valuable resources associated with paper and toner costs. CarePoint is the first pharmacy management system to have a specific flag that enables patients located in states with favorable regulations to opt-in to receive electronic medication information and select a more enhanced type of medication information. This option allows patients to receive their medication information through MedsOnCue, saving pharmacies time and money associated with printing.

Using MedsOnCue by VUCA, pharmacies that utilize CarePoint’s GuardianRx software solution will provide patients with access to on-demand informational videos, streamlined access to their pharmacy team, text and email reminders and detailed prescription medication photos to ensure safety when taking medication.

“Innovation and ingenuity is at the forefront of our mission at CarePoint and we take pride in consistently staying on the cutting-edge of technology. By integrating MedsOnCue, we are making it easy for pharmacies to not only cut costs, but to give the best when it comes to customer care,” said Rachel, Cupp, CarePoint. “We are excited to provide our users with this first-of-its-kind service and look forward to the satisfaction it will bring to patients, as well as the cost-cutting advantages it brings to pharmacies.”

In 2015, VUCA Health announced its campaign to work directly with state boards of pharmacy nationwide to encourage issuance of clear guidance on pharmacy practice regulations governing the ability of patients to opt-in to receive medication information in a more contemporary and eco-friendly electronic format. Since the campaign, VUCA’s electronic medication information and FDA Med Guide solutions have been approved for use in 10 states, helping pharmacies save thousands of dollars on printing expenses and reducing the amount of wasted paper.

“Creating an ecological solution for pharmacies was essential to saving pharmacies time and money and promoting health literacy across the industry,” said VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff, PharmD, MBA. “CarePoint’s forward-facing initiative is central to our mission of helping pharmacies and patients properly and safely take their medication while continuously moving toward a more robust solution to medication adherence.”

About CarePoint

For more than 20 years CarePoint has been providing pharmacies with best in class systems and solutions based on the most advanced technologies and processes. CarePoint pioneered MTM back in the early 1990’s – and integrated it with GuardianRx, the industry’s first true Windows Pharmacy Management System in the early 2000’s. Since that time, CarePoint has maintained its exclusive focus on enhancing and expanding technology and tools that keep our clients ahead of their competition in efficiency, services offered, and bottom line performance.

About VUCA Health

Based in Lake Mary, Fla., VUCA Health ( provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. The company’s MedsOnCue solution leverages advanced mobile, web and on-demand video and communication technologies to deliver trusted patient information that enhances the medication use process. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way for clients to provide on-demand patient medication information and strengthen customer connections with video briefings, web messaging, reminders and alerts and a host of other customizable services that extend and enhance the patient relationship.

In our latest release, pharmacies using MedsOnCue can allow patients to opt-in to electronic medication information through GuardianRx.

To learn more about pricing and getting started with MedsOnCue, contact our Support Team by phone at 800.774.1361 or by email at [email protected]