Your Complete
Pharmacy Software Solution


  • Patient & 3rd Party A/R

    Tracked and reconciled at the Rx level, with GuardianRx™ you have the ability to import 835/Electronic EOB

  • Auto Refill & Future Fill Scheduling

    Easily enroll patients in the Auto Refill program and specify criteria for next refill date such as refill percentage used. You can also schedule a one-time fill on the fly for refill too soon rejections.

  • Controlled Substance Reporting

    With easily configurable, state required settings, you can schedule reporting for automatic transmission to states.

  • Inventory Management

    CarePoint offers a complete perpetual inventory package which includes inventory tracking, purchase order generation, and X12 EDI integration with all major wholesalers.

  • MTM

    Integrated with our dispensing system, you can perform comprehensive medication reviews for disease state management eligible for 3rd party reimbursements.

  • Report Manager

    By integrating the proper reports into your workflow, you can take back control of your costs to secure your profits.

  • Text/Email Notifications

    Whether it is a refill reminder, prescription pick-up notification, or a birthday message, you can instantly and automatically communicate with your customers.

  • Eligibility checks for Med D and Commercial Claims

    Confirm patient insurance eligibility details with one click.

  • Order Check

    By utilizing this program along with barcode technology, you can ensure that all prescriptions in an order are contained in the package before shipment.

  • Automated Prior Authorization via CoverMyMeds

    Eliminate time-consuming prior authorization processes by utilizing our integration with CoverMyMeds.

  • Work In-Progress Queue

    GuardianRx provides a dashboard snapshot of real-time order states for monitoring workflow and identifying bottlenecks.

  • Customizable Work Queues

    GuardianRx™ utilizes multiple filters to define exactly what a user needs to address in the work queue, and also incorporates the users’ security rights so that only those states and statuses of orders permitted can be accessed.

  • NDC Check

    Easily validate NDCs during the prescription filling process by scanning and comparing the shelf bottle with the NDC used for fulfillment.

  • Shipping Notifications

    Automated order email notifications can be configured to be sent to customers with tracking details.

  • Min/Max Inventory

    Set specific thresholds for items and auto-generate editable PO’s based on user-defined values.

  • Electronic Signature Capture

    As part of HIPAA privacy requirements, pharmacies are required to have customers sign acknowledgements of privacy and authorization notices. Adding this to your existing signature requirements can be both costly and time consuming if you utilize a traditional paper-based approach to signature collection, storage and retrieval.

  • Advanced Compounding

    The GuardianRx Advanced Compounder application was designed to manage compounding of formulas in batches that can be tracked in inventory as one-to-many package sizes of the same formula (“recipe”). A package size is represented as a unique NDC number.

  • Web Refill

    Patient orders coming into the Web Refill section of the Web Portal are automatically placed into your workflow queue in the GuardianRx System.

  • Pre-Order

    The Pre-Order Module was developed at the request of our customers who required a process and tracking procedure for submitting and identifying the return of requests to physicians for new prescriptions for patients.


Ongoing support is one of the most important aspects of our partnership with our customers. Our highly trained support staff includes both technicians and pharmacists in order to ensure the highest levels of competent and personal service with all of our GuardianRx products.