Strength in Numbers

strength1Resolve to Know Where Your
Pharmacy’s Money is in 2015!

We’re starting another New Year, and with this new year pharmacies across the country are setting new goals.

In today’s challenging business environment, margins are shrinking and it’s becoming ever more important to keep a close eye on what your data reveals about your operations. Whether it’s drug costs, inventory levels or labor overhead, knowing what those numbers are – and what they mean – is vital to the success of your business.



This March, CarePoint will be offering reporting tools that provide the metrics to analyze the performance of your business. Our new report feature will give you access to the information that is critical to understanding where your profits might be falling through the cracks through waste and inefficiency.


strength2Introducing GuardianRx™
Reporting for Business

Our newest feature, GuardianRx™ Report Manager for Business will be available to all customers at no additional cost.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of better reporting for your business.



If you are interested in our BETA release of Business Report Manager, contact CarePoint Customer Care at


strength3Are you getting the most out of
your reimbursements?

Maximizing reimbursements is a key component to profitability, and if you aren’t looking at these numbers now, you should be. By integrating the proper reports into your workflow, you can take back control of your costs to secure your profits.

Using GuardianRx™ Report Manager for Business helps you to identify brand claims for which your pharmacy may not be getting fully reimbursed. With this, as well as other reporting features, we’re making forecasting and demand planning easier than ever.


Increase Profitability by
Effectively Tracking Your Inventory

The easiest inventory valuation method to understand is the one that stimulates the actual
physical flow of inventory throughout a company. Conducting regular physical reviews, paired with the proper reports, reduces inventory carrying costs and improves cash flow.

Did you know?

The average pharmacy utilizes less than 50% of their pharmacy management system’s functionality. Inventory tracking is often one of these underutilized features that pharmacists and managers should be using on a day-to-day basis.

CarePoint offers a complete perpetual inventory package which includes automatic inventory tracking, purchase order generation, and X12 EDI integration with all major wholesalers. Duplicate NDC’s can also be tracked in a virtual inventory scenario such as 340B. And the best part is, this is provided at no extra charge!

If you want to learn more about better inventory management or our new Report Manager for Business, contact our Support Team and we’ll get you started. CarePoint Support can be reached by phone at 800.774.1361 or by email at