Who Is CarePoint®

CarePoint® provides the tools pharmacies need to effectively manage the dispensing process and improve patient experience and clinical outcomes. Our mission is to develop industry-leading technology and provide exceptional customer service.

At CarePoint® we are constantly working towards a better future for pharmacies and their patients. Since 1993, we have maintained an exclusive focus on enhancing and expanding technology and tools that keep our clients ahead of their competition in terms of operational efficiency, services offered, and bottom-line performance. We are committed to developing leading-edge, scalable pharmacy management software systems that simplify and innovative software solutions for every pharmacy business model and deliver improvements in:

  • Patient Care
  • Patient Safety
  • Medical Adherence and Patient Outcomes -Pharmacy operations
  • Business Management & Finance
  • IT Systems

Our products provide users with systems and technologies that are unmatched in the industry and are capable of accommodating and incorporating expanded functionality as your requirements change in the future.

Why We Care

In a business environment-like Pharmacy, continuous change is guaranteed. As state requirements, compliance, and technology continue to evolve, remaining at the cutting edge of our field is crucial to the success of our pharmacy partners.

Our team combines technical expertise, extensive research, and pharmacy feedback to build advanced systems that are superior in meeting the needs of today’s pharmacy. We rely on real-world feedback and input from pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, directors, managers, and our client’s IT support personnel to ensure our products remain at the cutting edge.

Our in-house support team is devoted to developing a deep understanding of how our solutions dovetail within existing pharmacy operations and deliver maximum benefit to all stakeholders. We understand that one size does NOT fit all. Our team of industry experts will work closely with you to design a workflow that suits your pharmacy best.

Whether you are a Retail, Mail-Order/Home Delivery, or Independent Pharmacy, our systems can meet all of your unique dispensing needs.