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Accounts Receivable

  • A/R Unapplied Payments

    When unapplied payment has been made, this goes against the patient account balance not a specific Rx.   Use debit memo, mark show zero balance…

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  • Billing a Secondary/COB Claim

    When submitting a claim to the secondary, you may receive a reject message that says: “MUST SUBMIT QUAL 06 IN FIELD 351-NP.”   OR…

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  • Field Not Supported/Syntax Error

    This error could result from an insurance company not wanting to see the ‘Smoker Code’ field. To turn this off, from a dispensing screen go…

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  • Invalid Software Certification Code

    This error could result from an insurance company wanting to see the software certification code.  One of our software certification codes is D012000105 To input…

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  • ICD-10: Tips for New and Dispensed Scripts

    For those covered by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA), the transition to ICD-10 has begun. Here are a couple of tips to…

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  • Missing/Invalid Cardholder ID

    1. Open the Quick Add Patient screen and go the Insurance tab: 2. Highlight the appropriate insurance plan and click Open. You can also just…

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  • Lots Tracking: New Requirements for DSCSA

    Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Requirements as it relates to Lots Tracking in GuardianRx In relation to enforcement of the new product tracing requirements…

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  • Adding a Basic Compound

    Note: This is not for those using Advanced Compounds for creating a compound but can be used to help manage and configure compounds. The main…

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  • Tracking Lots with Compounds

    When using the regular compounder (or when not creating batches with Advanced Compounder functionality) inventory can be tracked by lot number.  This is important when…

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  • Eligibility Check for Medicare Part D

    Release of E1 Eligibility Check for Medicare Part D Patients In order to use the Part D patient eligibility functionality enter the patient’s name,…

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  • Refill Scheduler

    Access refill scheduler options by Shift – F10 The options at the store level have to be checked before they will be enabled on the patient…

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  • Labels Not Printing

    On your GuardianRx Server ensure that the label service is running. This program can be found in the CarePoint XClaim directory typically found in c:\…

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  • Adding new SIG codes

    Custom SIG codes can be added to the system using the tree at the left hand side of the retail dispensing screen.  Click on Sig…

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  • NDC Checker

    Preparation Steps:  1.) Ensure the barcode scanner that has been purchased can read an 11 digit NDC.  If experiencing any issues scanning an 11 digit…

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  • Linking Generics to Brands

    To link a generic to a brand you need to go to products and edit the generic.  In the lower left hand corner (see screen…

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  • Creating a Monograph

    You will need to go to products and pull up the product you want to add the monograph to.  Then go to the Edit and…

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  • Auto Substitution: Tying Generic to Brand Drugs

    The GuardianRx Dispensing module can automatically make generic for brand drug substitutions when moving from the Prescription window to the Dispense window.  There are several…

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  • Edit a Recon Batch

    Example: a payment is made and you need to edit to rebill a portion. Click on line item in the reconciliation batch queue.  Click “Open…

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