At CarePoint®, we understand the challenges and opportunities that pharmacies face in today’s competitive market. That’s why we offer cost-effective, productive, and innovative software systems for Mail-Order, Home Delivery, and Central Fill pharmacies that provide process improvements tailored to meet your business and operational needs.

Our systems are designed to provide the highest buying experience rating for maximum customer retention and compliance, combined with process efficiencies that ensure the lowest possible cost per script, providing the best mail-order or delivery services to your patients and improving customer satisfaction.

GuardianRx™: The Premier Mail-Order Pharmacy Software

With GuardianRx™ Order Management systems you will benefit from a flexible, truly order-based, and user-friendly system that allows you to manage your pharmacy stock and optimize inventory while saving time and labor by automating the dispensing process. Our systems can be configured to fit your unique requirements and designed to fit any mail-order, home delivery, or central fill model.

Diving deeper into the capabilities of GuardianRx™, this platform has been carefully developed keeping in mind the evolving dynamics of the mail-order pharmacy sector.

The software supports dynamic scalability, ensuring that regardless of the size of your mail-order pharmacy, it can adapt and grow with you. Whether you’re processing hundreds or thousands of prescriptions daily, our system ensures consistency and reliability.

Having a dedicated mail-order pharmacy software allows for:

  • Seamless Workflow Integration: With the rise in online orders, pharmacies need to have a system in place that easily integrates with e-commerce platforms and patient databases.
  • Inventory Accuracy: For a mail-order pharmacy, inventory control is critical. Our software ensures that stock levels are maintained, reducing the chances of backorders or delayed shipments.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: The goal isn’t just to fulfill orders; it’s to ensure that patients receive their medications promptly and accurately. With features tailored for mail-order services, our software streamlines the patient experience, from order placement to delivery at their doorstep.

As the landscape of pharmacy continues to shift towards digital and home deliveries, being equipped with the right tools becomes imperative. Our mail order pharmacy software isn’t just about managing orders; it’s about fostering trust, ensuring compliance, and elevating the overall patient experience.

When it comes to mail-order pharmacy needs, CarePoint® stands out not just for our software, but for our commitment to ensuring that our clients thrive in this competitive sector.

We are more than just a mail-order pharmacy software provider; we are your true partner in pharmacy excellence and measure our success based on yours.

Contact us today to learn more about our systems and how we can help you achieve your pharmacy’s full potential.

Features & Benefits
Set up and track cost and on-hand values for multiple perpetual inventories
Automated, hands-free receipt and order processing
Automatic checking for existing orders of same patient account provides the opportunity to merge orders, saving money on shipping costs
Auto Refill and Future Fill scheduling available with Medsync
Configurable queues to accommodate your specific processing flow and enable each user to filter and easily access specific tasks, order status, patients, customer service, etc.
Create individual, family, or group accounts
E-prescribing provided via Surescripts and included e-prescribing of controlled medications
Order-based functionality allows grouping of Rxs on one order, plus easy merging or splitting of orders
Seamless integration with credit card gateways, shipping systems, and Interactive Voice Response
Text and email refill reminders
Web API options for customization
Web Portal/Refill site for patients to request refills and check on status of their order