When our oncology pharmacy company made the decision in 2011 to implement a new pharmacy system for our multiple sites, we requested and received bids and demonstrations from 4-5 software vendors. After careful consideration of the capabilities of all the systems, we chose Guardian Rx by CarePoint and have been extremely satisfied with that decision for over 12 years now. GuardianRx immediately met our basic needs as a multi-site pharmacy and has done so ever since. The programming team behind this product has worked extremely well with us over the years to make any changes needed to operate perfectly on our parent company’s internet system. As changes have occurred in the legal and professional operation of our pharmacies, CarePoint has worked with our pharmacy and IT teams to revise the GuardianRx software to keep us current with federal and state regulations as well as provide a workable system to meet the clinical needs of our pharmacy staff. I would recommend GuardianRx by CarePoint to any pharmacy seeking a very functional, easy-to-use system backed up by a very accomplished and cooperative IT development team.

Jim Schwartz, RPh