One Software Solution to Manage Multi-Location Pharmacies

GuardianRx has the power to support large and small multi-location pharmacies from a single database environment for Retail, Mail-Order, or a combination of both. This enables the entire organization to leverage a global updating structure for commonly shared information through a virtual “master” store. This is particularly helpful for a multitude of common tasks such as when prices require updating or new insurance providers need to be added across all stores. Both operations can be done in the master store and pushed to all locations automatically. Other global changes can be added as needed. Of course, our solution allows each location to restrict the visibility of its patient data. 

Quick Store Transfer and Drug Utilization Review information can be accommodated across all stores as well. Individual store identification allows for tracking of Rx orders filled in other stores. 

Plus, your enterprise will have the ability to share/transfer inventory between stores. Patients’ financial accounts are also provided at a global level and can be reconciled from any location, or centrally. 


  • Protect patient data
  • Adjust pricing instantly across all stores
  • Add universal insurance providers
  • Manage mail-order pharmacy
  • Manage inventory
  • Initiate store transfers
  • Track Rx orders in all locations